3 Ballerina Teas

Our 3 Ballerina Tea is blended with premium natural herbs. This product comes in three sizes, the 12 count, 18 count, and the 30 count. Our 3 Ballerina Teas also come in four flavors, Lemon, Orange, Ginseng, and our most flagrant blend Cinnamon.

3 Star Brand


The 3 Star Brand is a separate line of products that we carry a part from our 3 Ballerina Tea and 3 Queens Ladies Teas.

3 Queen's Ladies


On behalf of Truong Giang Corporation, we would like to introduce our sister brand of Herbal Tea which is called the 3 Queen's Ladies. It is made with the same all premium natural herbs. This product comes in two sizes, 18 count and 30 count.


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